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Product Review: Hanks Amish CCW Belt

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DSC_0005If you’re the type of person that carries their firearm on their hip, then we are almost certain you appreciate a high-quality belt. With an IWB or OWB holster, having a sturdy belt is essential for the safe and proper day of carrying concealed. I have been through many belts in our day and when I started to carry concealed, I was certain that I could get away with using one of my current belts. Wrong. I found myself searching for a high-quality belt to keep my Glock in place, and now I’ve finally found it.

Hanks Clothing, located in the gun control hungry state of New York, has a product that we have to share with the world. With over 400 reviews on their web site for this belt, we had to give it a shot. Here is what we found.

DSC_0003This CCW belt is obviously made for people who carry. It’s Amish made in the good old US of A and let me tell you; the quality is outstanding. At 1.5″ in width, I find it the perfect size for most belt loops without ‘squeezing’ the belt through the loops. The buckle on this beast is one of my favorite parts; they have screws that hold the leather together where it folds over. This allows you to replace the buckle yourself if you ever choose to do so. You also have a choice between Black or Brown (but once you see the price, you’ll probably buy one of each).

As far as the leather goes, it’s some of the best I’ve seen. They boast being extra thick with their leather CCW belts and they aren’t kidding. The belts are extremely sturdy and will hold up a full size 1911 with no issues. After wearing this belt for two months, I see no extra play that I have seen with other CCW belts. The leather remains strong and sturdy.

DSC_0004Let’s move to price. This belt will set you back roughly $30. If your jaw didn’t drop a little, you’ve probably never purchased a CCW belt before. Other retailers will charge you an easy $70-$80 for a CCW belt. At $30 for Hanks belt, it’s a fantastic deal for a fantastic product made by a fantastic company.

It’s also important to mention a nice little feature they offer on their site, which is a ‘Perfect Fit’ tab to ensure you are buying the exact fit for your waist. This came in handy for me because the last time I bought a belt was a few years ago and I couldn’t remember the size. And I’m a guy, so I’m not supposed to remember things like that.

Final Thoughts

Great. Belt. Hands. Down. The price is great, the quality is top notch, and they’re made in the USA. If you are in the market for a great CCW Belt, this is the belt for you. You can find all of the information on this belt, as well as make a purchase, HERE.

-Brandon, Concealed Nation

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