Chicago ccw t mobile store

Armed T-Mobile Employee Defends Entire Store Against Armed Robbers In Chicago


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — A T-Mobile store which has been targeted on numerous occasions by armed robbers was also the location of a recent defensive gun use incident involving an employee.

According to ABC 7 Eyewitness News, a store employee with a legal permit to carry a concealed firearm, opened fire after two armed robbers withdrew their handguns and announced their intentions to rob the store.  One employee dove in the back to call for help while the other drew his own concealed carry handgun and shot both robbers — one in the groin and shoulder and another in the abdomen and shoulder.  Neither robber had the opportunity to discharge their firearms before being struck by rounds.  Both robbers attempted to flee and the concealed carry employee chased after in order to give a better description of the suspects to the police.

Not much need, though, because with urgent bullet wounds, there’s not a lot of time either robber has to stay out of a hospital.  Once they arrived, both suspects were identified by police and both listed as in serious condition.

The manager of that T-Mobile hailed the quick thinking and actions of both employees.


I think concealed carry is a great opportunity for managers, workers, employees to protect themselves in these cases. And our employee did a great job to protect themselves and the other employee,” said Neil Tadros, store manager.

Next door, a men’s barber shop quickly figured out the situation and correctly chose to take cover.

“We just started hearing gunshots. At first we couldn’t really tell what it was, but it was coming back to back so we kinda caught on. Everybody hit the floor and just took cover,” Brown said.

Chicago has faced a very fast-paced violent crime season starting off in the New Year.  It’s good to see concealed carriers taking their responsibility seriously and being prepared to handle the gravity of the situation.

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GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun…

GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun is a Glock 36 in a Lenwood Holsters Specter IWB or his CZ-75D PCR in an Alien Gear MOD holster.

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  • Clark

    Big corporate store and the carrying employee wasn’t fired??? Man, better go get my ice skates and find out where hell is.

    • Hoosiers4ChristianConservative

      I see dead people…..LOL….I did a quick search and found several links which state that T-Mobile DOES ALLOW employees with Conceal Carry Permits to carry firearms while at work. If this is accurate, I AM going to drop my AT&T service, which I was planning on doing anyway, because they do not allow firearms on their properties and any employee caught with a firearm is subject to immediate termination…..links are 3+ years old, so I need to do a little more research.

      • Guy

        I work for T-Mobile. We definitely would get fired if caught with a weapon. States it in big print in our handbook.

    • M60A1

      Shoot first, ask questions later. When 2 assholes unholster their weapons in your place of business, there’s no time to tap on your keyboard in judgement. Employees legally carrying in a store selling valuables are your first line of defense if you choose not to exercise your 2A right of self defense.

      • flatj

        NEVER use the lib’s checklist before firing!

      • John Bacon

        And then when you die you go to hell
        Thou shalt not kill. Period

        • PSCimo

          “not MURDER”… 2 different things.

          • John Bacon

            killing in a war setting is wrong unless God himself tells you to do it. Not your religious leaders, or polical leaders but God itself. And I’m willing to bet that that wont be happening soon

          • John Bacon

            not in my opinion. killing unless in cases of mercy is murder. War is murder.

            you tell yourself that killing isn’t murder if that helps you sleep.

          • John Bacon

            if that helps you sleep at night

    • Reverend Joe Ruyle

      Yeah…. I’m in that boat with you. When I worked at Wally world we were basically told to just let them steal….. if we confronted a thief or attempted to detain them WE would be fired on the spot. Stupid *ucking liberals.

      • Kevin Snyder

        This story involves armed robbery, not shoplifting.

        • jayice


          And either way it’s theft, a rose can be called a “white rose” or a “red rose”, it’s still a rose.

          • Kevin Snyder

            If you are advocating shooting a non-violent shoplifter, then you do not have the mindset needed to carry. You are a vigilante and a loose cannon.

          • Tim W

            He didn’t say anything about shooting shoplifters, he said attempt to detain them. You can stop “nonviolent shoplifters” without shooting them.

          • jayice


            Please point out to me where I advocated shooting anyone. It would seem to me that the “context” of the post, was about, if I call object A name X, and then someone calls object A name B, it is still object X none the less.

            or perhaps shakespeare can help in this instance.

            A rose by any other name is as sweet…

            Or perhaps, reading comprehension is not your forte…

          • Kevin Snyder

            The “context” of the article on which you are commenting is ”
            Armed T-Mobile Employee Defends Entire Store Against Armed Robbers In Chicago”.
            It contextually cannot be compared to a guy boosting a box of condoms from Walmart.

            Context. You’re out of it.

          • jayice

            The “context” of what you are saying is, ” That Kevin Snyder cannot comprehend the written word, Kevin Snyder enjoys inventing context where it doesn’t exist, Kevin Snyder has no clue what he’s talking about.”

            Context: Kevin Snyder is a loose cannon, and could not nor should not be trusted with anything beyond a baby spoon.

  • BigDaddy

    Not much need, though, because with urgent bullet wounds, there’s not a lot of time either robber has to stay out of a hospital. Once they arrived, both suspects were identified by police and both listed as in serious condition. This is like reverse translated gibberish.

  • Bob P

    Congratulations to store employees for their courage, wisdom, & skill. Congratulations to the Store Manager for standing up for his employees and standing against crime. Shame on POTUS for his beliefs and actions that enable criminals.

  • charlie baker

    I just saw an article someplace that stated there have been about one hundred people shot in Chicago since the new year began. Wow. It’s the wild west all over again. I bet this poor guy loses his job, though. I seriously doubt that any corporate entity would allow it’s employees to be armed. This guy probably just carried his piece and didn’t tell anyone. Which is exactly what I do…

    • James England

      His manager went in front of the news and congratulated him on the proper use of his concealed carry handgun so I don’t think that is likely.

    • css123

      Except you would be saver even in Dodge City, KS in 1878 (the year of the gunfight at the OK Corral) than you would be in Chicago.

      • Mark Lowery

        The O.K. Corral gun fight took place in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881.

        • css123

          Sorry, confused it with Earp’s other gun fight. The general point still holds regardless of 1881 Tombstone or 1878 Dodge City.

  • Jonathan Porter

    “Ah another mass shooting!” -some gun control nut.

    • wornoutvet

      He shot two card carrying Liberals! That kind of MASS shooting I can live with!

      • Hoosiers4ChristianConservative

        I keep trying to get my Indiana State Representative to present a Bill which allows No Limit Hunting on Liberals from November to January, but he just won’t bite.

        • Rick Hess

          Why such a short season? The season should be more along the lines of that for feral hogs…there ain’t one. Open season, any time, any day, no bag limit.

          • Hoosiers4ChristianConservative

            Well, in order to be ‘fair’ and not ‘discriminatory’, we’ve gotta make February to April ‘Socialist Hunting Season’, May to July ‘Black Lives Matter and Political Correct College Professors Hunting Season’ and to be really fair, August to October ‘Illegal Immigrant Hunting Season’.

            We MUST have seasons, otherwise these herds will be culled to the point where their respective populations will disappear…..and what fun would that be when there are no more LibTards, Socialists, PC College Professors, BLM Thugs or Walking Tacos to Swiss Cheese? ;-)

          • Rick Hess

            Hmmm, after reading over and thinking about your points on the necessity of season, I will have to alter my opinion and support your ideas. Well said.

        • Wes James

          Hey… I’m a card-carrying liberal- and I FULLY SUPPORT the 2nd ammendment- and carry. Don’t be judgemental.

          • Rick Hess

            Wes, I don’t think any true Conservative has anything really against a true Liberal, it’s the progressives/socialist/fascists that cause us no end of angst. The 2nd Amendment/Constitutional supporters/carriers are welcome, no matter their politics.

          • Hoosiers4ChristianConservative

            Great point. Historically, America has been Center-Right Nation with an active Liberal Base, which is necessary in a Constitutional Republic to keep balance…..a Yin-Yang necessity. I too understand how the ‘Liberal Left’ has been taken over by Socialist and anti-American elements. However, be VERY WARY of Republicans who are demanding a Constitutional Convention……the odds of having the 2A scrapped via Congress, then 3/4 State Ratification, is next to zero while a CC, where each State sends ONE Representative, could stab us in the back and change Amendments in a single vote.

        • alb


      • ProfShadow

        Center of Mass it seems as well.

        +2 Hollow points ;)

    • Dennis Aldis

      The gun control people will probably include it in their statistics of gun crimes like they have for the so called 30,000 killings last year where they included 21,000 suicides and additional defensive killings.

  • Joe wheeler

    Obama’s sons at it again!

    • Rob

      they came to their free Obama phones

  • Bill Jones

    So, the results of fundamental common sense is again a proven fact — too bad that politics prevents so many otherwise sensible people to become deaf and blind when they run into comon sense.

  • Rob

    both, employee for using his weapon and manager for praising will be fired soon if not already.

    • hirider

      Let’s hope not. This kind of action is the only thing that’s going to stop the criminal element. An armed society is a polite society.

    • ProfShadow

      Actually, it seems T-Mobile is not AT&T and that they might even get a bonus.

    • Guy

      Based on what our employee handbook says I’d be surprised if he kept the job unless he had prior special permission to carry. This Chicago though so he might be ok

  • Go Faster

    What this happened in Chicago? Say it isn’t so. Nahhhhhhhh

  • RGZ

    I thought guns were absolutely illegal in Chicago. How did he not get fired, and then arrested for exercising his Second Amendment rights?

  • jmwlasvegas

    But wait. How could there be armed criminals? Chicago has very strict gun laws to prevent this type of behavior. Wow. Are they saying the gun laws don’t work? What a shock. NOT

  • PatrickHenry

    Now that’s GUN CONTROL. Way to go. When are the crooks going to realize we are fed up.

  • TSF

    I guess it’s not just women that shoot the groin. We laugh at our training sessions when my wife constantly hits the groin in the threat ally portion. Chis the ex-police trainer says it always seems to be the women that do that. No disrespect intended to this guy, GOOD SHOOTING. Everyone needs to find a training facility like this close to them

  • Fred54

    “Cover Me” I’m going for a Latte.

  • Rick Hess

    Let us know how things work out with your reloads. Sounds like a great rig for hogs on up, including but not exclusively progs.