[VIDEO] Here Is Why You Want To Avoid Printing, And Always Maintain Situational Awareness; Concealed Carrier Robbed Of Gun


Philadelphia, PA – On August 9, 2015, at 12:10 am, the 16th District received a report of a
person with a gun at the Lancaster Hoagie City deli located at 600 North 40th Street. Upon arrival police were met by the complainant, a 22 year-old male, that while inside the deli an unknown male grabbed him from behind attempting to rob him.

The complainant, who was armed and is licensed to carry, fought off the offender, however, while doing so, his firearm fell from his hip allowing the suspect to gain control of it. As the two struggled over the firearm, the suspect fired one shot towards the complainant missing him before fleeing the store with the complainant chasing the suspect losing sight of him.

Suspect Description: Black male, dark complected, early 20 years-of-age, 5’9-5’10”, wearing a plaid checkered shirt with a red or orange colored shirt underneath, and a red base ball cap.

To submit a tip via telephone, dial 215.686.TIPS (8477) or text a tip to PPD TIP or 773847.

The video above shows us two very important things:

1) Why it’s important to maintain situational awareness at all times
2) Why it’s important  that your firearm doesn’t print

In this particular case, it doesn’t seem like the firearm was printing. In other words, it looks like the suspect was looking for a wallet and not a gun because he saw it printing. But, when that baby fell to the floor, the suspect seized the opportunity to snatch it up and fire at the victim.

Talk about a worst case scenario.

I could be wrong, though. Maybe the bad guy did indeed see the firearm printing… and he wanted it. It’s tough to tell, as it’s in the same location as the victim’s wallet.


Luckily for the victim, the bad guy didn’t seem to know how to work the firearm after firing the first shot. At the 1:00 mark of the video, it looks like he tries to rack the slide, possibly due to him limp-wristing the first shot.

In any event, staring down the barrel of your own gun is a worst nightmare for a concealed carrier. What do you actually do if that happens?

In this case, while on the ground fighting for control over the firearm, the only viable option is to fight like hell. You know, fight as if your life depended on it. Because it does.

I personally get annoyed when people stand close to me in line and when they do, I stand sideways so that they’re in my view at all times. Turning your back to anyone –especially when carrying your firearm– opens you up to vulnerabilities… as seen perfectly clear in this video.

Anyway, after the bad guy seems to have problems with the firearm, our victim goes after him in force. But it’s too late. BG gets away and he now has a gun.

Would Open Carry Have Stopped This?

Well, not if the bad guy saw the firearm printing and wanted it.

Just the other day, I published an article with the reasons that I don’t open carry. What if the victim had been open carrying? I know it’s pure speculation, but do you think it would have deterred the bad guy? Serious question. I don’t have the answer.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Roger Rabbit

    Situational Awareness is the key. The first thing that should have happened the instant the guy grabbed from behind would have been as many elbow strikes to the head as possible, as fast as possible and as hard as possible. The elbow is the hardest/strongest joint in the body, yet most people simply don’t think or know to use it as a defensive weapon. I’m an old fart well into my 60’s and yet I can knock nearly anyone out with one good elbow strike to the side of the head. Watch the video, the white guy had time for at least 3 strikes before being taken to the floor. Even after going down he was more concerned with holding on to the guy instead of kicking him in the head with his feet……..geezzzzz

  • DavidyArica Freire

    Anyone can speculate wether an OCer would have prevented the attack in the first place or made a target of himself because of the gun.

    Now let’s looks at what actually happened, the guy was attacked; from the video is not clear that victim has a weapon, as such the offender made the decision to take him on. Most people, key word being most, will not attack someone who in all given circumstances poses a threat to end his/her life.

    Since you continue to bring the topic of OC, I would argue that CC has its inherent disadvantages as well, clearly showed in the video with the added caveat of not being aware of your environment. Simply put, when you conceal carry you “appear” to be a soft target to potential criminals and sometimes criminals will take that chance. Positives are that you have the element of surprise but if you are not situationally aware it doesn’t give you much of an advantage.

  • Massolo

    It looks to me the simple law of the jungle, bigger attacks smaller. The fact that the attacker didn’t even care where he perpetrated his crime, only suggests a repeat offender already on his way to murder and mayhem.

    • Bill Redding

      Yep…exactly like it is in prison. And prisons provide weights and such so those career-criminals can be bigger, stronger and prey on people even better than before: Prey on other weaker inmates inside the jail and then later when released (via our sorry revolving-door “justice” system), prey on the general public.

      So much for “rehabilitation” — what a joke.

      — BR

  • Shawn Primus

    From what I see, one of two things happened. Either, A) victim was carrying his firearm loosely in a back pocket and the assailant went for it or B) the victim was carrying his wallet loosely in his back pocket and managed to lose his firearm while struggling to get his wallet back. If it was the former, that was just a bad idea and he has (almost) no one to blame for losing his gun but himself. If it was the latter, he shouldn’t have struggled with the assailant until he was free to draw his firearm.

  • James Clements

    I hope my car doesn’t print. I hope my watch, that cost more than a glock, doesn’t print.

  • Curly

    I always carry two pistols and a switchblade my front pocket. I’m going to get to one of them.

  • Renov8

    The victim should have kicked and or put the suspect in a foot choke hold…..he had ample opportunity to do so. I never OC and always make sure my firearm is concealed securely and does not print. yes, martial arts are the way to go when in this kind of situation. As soon as that guy walked in, the victim should have at least turned around to acknowledged who came in and where he was. All of this is of course after the fact……..that is why we practice and drill,

  • Missy Moo

    Can someone please explain to me what is meant by “printing”. Thank you!

    • Bob Rogers

      “Printing” is when an outline of the your pistol is visible to others through your clothing. Best way to avoid is loose clothing that is dark or has a design. I carry OWB “Outside the Waist Band” or “On the Waist Band” so I have to be even more carful, but have had great success in reducing printing.

      • Missy Moo

        Thank you, mine’s in my purse, so it shouldn’t show!

        • Bill Redding

          Missy Moo,

          It’s not AT ALL recommended you carry a gun in your purse. Since purses are often snatched, the thief — because he now has your gun — is an armed thief (if he wasn’t already). And if he didn’t find the gun until later, after he ran away (so YOU might not be in danger of getting shot with your own gun), his NEXT victim sure could be!

          While it is harder for a woman to carry concealed (due to
          “fashion issues”) research online for ways women DO carry concealed. And comfortable. As with men, if a gun isn’t comfortable to carry, it’s probably not going to be carried. Which violates Rule #1 below:

          Rule # 1: “A gun needs to be ON you at all times.” Not in your purse, gym bag or briefcase. ON your person.

          There are a number of online websites devoted strictly to women…they should have links to companies that makes CC holsters especially designed for women.

          Good luck…

          — BR

        • Cisco

          What if they quickly snatch your purse away from you ? That’s usually where the money is, right ? Much better off to carry in a concealed holster, separate from the purse.

  • Bill Redding

    Yes, Situational Awareness (SA) SHOULD have been a whole lot better, but once things get THIS close (even down on the floor) it’s absolutely perfect range for using a knife! Every gun-carrier (CC or OC) should ALSO carry a knife for CQC (Close Quarter Combat) situations. Even someone who chooses NOT to carry a gun should at least have a knife (which can be opened one-handed). In close-quarters, a knife can be faster and more lethal (and more quickly lethal) than a gun. In fact, in this incident with the trash THAT close a knife is preferred…the gun can STAY in it’s holster.

    Carry a knife, know what you’re going to cut (a single spot or multiple cuts in various spots) and how long it’ll take for the trash to bleed out. Then just hold him off for those few seconds. Optional: While you’re waiting, cut some more. The threat isn’t over until it stops moving! Maybe…

    Yeah, it’ll be messy and also yeah, with all the blood you’ll get on you you’ll probably have to go get checked for HIV, but it’s better than the alternative outcome if you LOST the fight, yes?

    To deal with these violent predators, you have to get down to their level and be even MORE violent. Overwhelmingly violent. Let THEM play catch-up…which by then will be too late.

    • Sianmink

      I’d add, make it a fixed blade knife and carry it where you can get at it while fending off a close attacker. I don’t want to have to worry about getting a folding knife into action while being in the middle of trying desperately to not die.

      • Bill Redding

        …as long as the blade length is legal in a particular state, then that makes sense. For some reason though, here in the Great & Free State of Colorado, I open-carry my handgun, but I conceal-carry my knife (in that small “coin pocket” most jeans have). So it has to be a folder.

  • Bob Rogers

    To me is looks like the guy was going for the gun. SA would have helped in this case.

  • euragone

    Awareness is Everything! Especially if hood rats are anywhere near by…