Ammo vending machine

Gun Range Has Ammo Vending Machine Installed, Some People Cry About It


There isn’t anything in the world you can do, that isn’t going to upset someone else. Some people just need all the attention, don’t they?


A gun range in Pennsylvania, Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club, recently had a vending machine installed that houses all sorts of ammunition calibers that can be used at the range. It’s a service to the members, since non-jacketed ammunition is what the range likes it’s members to use. Even though it’s installed inside of a gun range that requires access with an electronic key, people are still complaining about it.

The club’s vending machine is operated by Master Ammo Company, a small ammunition manufacturing business owned by Sam Piccinini, a Rochester Township patrolman and Republican candidate for Beaver County Sheriff.

Membership to the BVRPC is open to individuals 18 years of age or older. Individuals under 18 years of age are permitted to join the organization as junior members who are to be supervised by an adult sponsor while at the club. All adult members are given digital swipe cards which grants 24 hour access to organization’s grounds and to the club’s indoor shooting ranges where the ammunition vending machine is located.

Sam Piccinini told the Beaver Countian that members of the club were having a hard time finding “non-jacketed ammunition” required for use in its gun ranges, which gave him the idea to install a vending machine as a unique opportunity for his business.

“Most conventional commercial ammunition manufactured today is jacketed, and jackets can separate from the lead when it hits the backstops in gun ranges,” said Piccinini. “This causes two issues, it causes premature wear to the gun range’s backstops and it could cause a safety issue because the jacket can come back and hit you. It wouldn’t be enough to kill you, but it could cut you or put an eye out.”

The source article states that they “received several tips from a members of the Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club”. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but I guess it wouldn’t be the most surprising thing in the world. Why though, would a gun range member(s) complain that ammunition is available for sale on-site?

“This has been kept a secret, it’s nobody’s business, it’s our club, we can do as our members allow us,” said Bill Fortuna, President of the Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club. “Legally there’s nothing anybody can do about it.”

To the people complaining about this vending machine, get a life. A vending machine with junk food is more likely to kill you than a bullet from this machine. Let’s get real here. #cleaneating

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Dan Gregory

    Someone boo hooing over anything these days isn’t exactly shocking.

  • Steve Merrette

    I’m curious what you’re supposed to do with Glocks that can’t use unjacketed ammo?

    • crowwalker

      Glocks can use unjacketed. It just voids your warranty with Glock.

      • Steve Merrette

        Exactly! And why would anyone want to deliberately void their warranty? The reason it voids it is because of the rifling they use. Unjacketed fills in too much and causes over pressures that can cause kabooms…

        • tinner666

          So? Use a Wolf Barrel

          • Steve Merrette

            I think I’d rather just go to a different range, but that’s just me…

          • OldNYFirefighter

            Here you buy the range ammo or you don’t shoot there!

          • I am the owner of the machine in question. All ammunition is equipped with a moly-polymer hi-tech super coat, which is not to be confused with copper washing. This gives you all of the benefits of a jacked round without the cost.

          • Douglas Gerber

            Congratulations Sam, you came up with a unique solution. I hope it pays off for you after all the “hoopla” dies down.

      • George Washington

        Warranty? We don’t need no stinkin Warranty.

      • jsl55

        Glocks barrels are rifled differently and supposedly the lead will build up in the barrel and my cause unsafe pressures.

  • Redline

    Lets be honest, has nothing to do with the convenience of a vending machine, but the inherent greed of some who didn’t think of it, or an ax to grind with guy running for sheriff.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Since it isn’t occupied 24/7 how are they supposed to get the correct ammo. The indoor ranges here don’t allow ammo from outside to be used. You must purchase their ammo, because of EPA regulations put on the gun range owners. The ammo the range sells meets EPA requirements & the price is reasonable, not inflated.

  • joe bloe

    wait, isn’t that dangerous? What if the drop from the top shelf and accidentally go off? ;)

    • Keith Baldwin

      Sporting Ammunition and the Fire Fighter: What Ha…: Educate yourself!

      • Mark Whitley

        Reading the comments below it’s obvious none of them went & watched the video you gave the link to. Thank you, BTW for doing that. I did watch it & now I know. The vending machine is completely safe & would be a great thing to have at all shooting ranges!

      • TJ

        Cool, informative vid, thanks. It was a little painful watching the destruction of so much ammo, though.

    • Drew P. Balczak

      You are kidding, right?

      • joe bloe

        yeah, that would kinda be what the emoji means.

    • me

      yea this is idiotic, dent a primer and it will discharge

      • Stephen Hurst

        Speaking of idiotic, do you guys have any idea how casings are made? Obviously not. The primer is protected by a flange, dropping it or even throwing it won’t set it off. You would literally have to clamp it in a vice and use a hammer and center punch to set it off, in which case you deserve to lose whatever appendage is lost in the process.

        • me

          Ive seen people playing with bullets and one went off when it was tossed on to concrete

          • Guest

            Not buying it sorry

          • Stephen Hurst

            In any case, even if for sake of argument that were possible, we’re talking about a slow drop into a slanted hopper inside a vending machine. My only issue would be possible unsupervised sale to minors, much like the reason for the elimination of cigarette vending machines. This is, however, an obvious marketing ploy by the owners to have a captive customer base. I wouldn’t shoot that ammo through my gun.

          • Gary Hall

            In a place where minors are supervised. Guess you missed that part.

          • Minors are supervised but even if they weren’t I wouldn’t stop them inside a club. They can pick up live rounds at a gun range and do what with them? Throw them at some body? I give my granddaughters bullet jewelry. My grandsons get live bullets and they shoot them in their guns at the range, while hunting, where they wish. Under MY supervision. What is your point except that you fear that which you do not understand and you let your children run out of control.

          • John McDonald

            You are a liar. You and your friends had no business playing with bullets in the first place but you are a liar.

          • jsl55

            I have been told by instructors at Front Sight that they have seen ammo detonate when dropped onto the gravel range. It must hit a rock just right to strike the primer. It doesn’t happen often, and there is no danger when it does happen. The bullet pops out and the case might spin or travel a few inches. Since the cartridge isn’t confined to a chamber, the bullet isn’t propelled with any velocity to speak of and might travel a few inches at most. Since they have witnessed many thousands of rounds dropped onto the gravel, I would tend to believe them.

          • Impossible and lying. If an instructor said that he/she was lying to scare you, or you are laying. Stomp primers in my shop on a concrete floor and they do nothing. I ram them with my press and they do nothing. I hit cartridges with a hammer and they do nothing. Stop being a California Communist Alarmist.

          • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

            no you didn’t. UNLESS it was rimfire, and then MAYBE…

          • Rimfire doesn’t have sufficient mass to set itself off.

          • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

            Hence the word MAYBE. IF it struck the primer under certain conditions, MAYBE. Even IF it did, the danger would be nearly NONE. I know a guy who used to launch them straight up from a slingshot while standing on an asphalt covered parking lot, and a good number of them detonated when they struck the asphalt upon their return to earth… SO. MAYBE…

          • Gary Hall

            No you haven’t.

          • No you haven’t. That would mean that simply being in the presence of the repercussion of military artillery would be sufficient to set every round within 100 feet including that in the armorers guns to go off. Every time a soldier dropped a can of 1000 9mm bullets on a ship deck we would hear of stories of sailors dying en masse.

          • Mike

            my brother took some sort of pistol round back in the day, slammed a big rock on top of it out on the concrete and ended up with shrapnel in his hand really badly. so people saying the rounds cant do anything are retarded. yet somewhere i saw stated in this article something like “it can cut you or put an eye out”. this is 100% correct. there are all depends where all that energy has to go. the less area the gasses have to dissipate, the more f*ked youll be. you see in videos that the shellcasings poof out. scientifically in a steel firearm chamber, the gases cant cause that adverse reaction.the bullet is wedged into the case so tightly that the gasses just have to expand so incredibly more than the volume of the shell.thats why its so loud when a round goes off and so powerful. if you tried to hold a terd in with a goldball sized terd right there ready to come out, that terd has to come out if that gas comes out. same principle.the shell casing itself acts more as a mini frag grenade, if you will, than the bullet acts as a projectile in the scenario that a round is not chambered in a tube that can send it forward securely,

    • Guest

      Have you been stupid long or has there been some sort of accident recenly?

    • John McDonald

      Please do not breed.

      • joe bloe

        This shit is so funny. man you are a special kind of stupid. BTW, i did breed and all three of them are in elite private colleges, Thanks.

        • John McDonald

          Breeding with your sister doesnt count. By the way, you are supposed to use a large case (I) when talking about yourself. Maybe some of those inbred kids in those fancy schools can help you out.

    • Sean

      Grr! I’m angry at this comment because I don’t understand sarcasm!!!!!

    • That is exactly the type of thinking that created the California Communist and the New Jersey Jerk. What if… is sufficient to ban breathing. No. It can not gain enough momentum. No, bullets do not accidentally go off when dropped and if your ‘What If” was sufficient to defy everything we know from BILLIONS upon Billions of rounds, the unchambered brass would rip open and bleed off the pressure and everybody would go home laughing.

    • Guy Bennett

      you watch too much leftist propaganda (Television)

    • Josh Harden

      What a thread full of self important asshats. Did you not catch the winky at the end of joe bloe’s sentence. He was being sarcastic. Even if he wasn’t he’s asking a question that people unfamiliar with guns and ammo would ask. Do you really think attacking someone on this thread makes them think gun owners are not reactionary and “violent”?

      • echo4alpha

        RIGHT? I am horrified at this reaction.

  • shotz90s

    Their offense at this offends me and causes me stress. I think I’ll sue for irreversible emotional damage. I would like $5 Million, a lifetime membership at the local range for therapy time and unlimited ammo. This would be justified in my mind.

    • William Torpey

      Get some for me, too.

      • shotz90s

        I’m on it!

        • Rudy McGillvray

          “I’m in too” thanks.

    • Johnqpublic

      If I’m selected for the jury, you age sure to win the suit!

    • Skydog1

      Let’s make it a class action suit!

  • OldNYFirefighter

    How would they even know unless they have been there & if they were, they should have been shooting rather than complaining.

  • patroy75

    uh why would a gun range use something as a backstop that can be damaged? Like ya know, dirt works great. It’s green too!

    • William Torpey

      It’s an indoor range!

      • John Thompson

        Yes, but it must be mild steel or something. My club range will certainly take jacketed bullets, and it’s angled so the fragments deflect downwards. The chances of a ricochet getting back to the firing line is very small.
        The only prohibition is no magnum pistol loads, or loads exceeding X number of foot pounds of energy.

        • Insurance agreements guys. They don’t understand gun ranges.

        • Guy Bennett

          trust me, ALL Steel backstops wear, regardless of steel composition.

        • RyDaddy

          “The chances of a ricochet getting back to the firing line is very small.”
          True, probably only 1 in 1000….but at a range that might sees thousands of rounds fired PER DAY, they would have an incident DAILY, so…..

    • Josh Nielsen

      Green dirt? Go home u dirty martian!

    • Studies and Observations

      It’s not Uncommon, especially with Indoor ranges. Most ranged now use a rubber product as a part of the backstop to reduce spalling. Jacketed Ammunition tears that up a lot more than Lead. Backstops cost money, and they need to be serviced and replaced on a regular basis. If it’s an Active Club (My own club in NJ has around 3000 active members, and has an Indoor range that is accessible to members 24/7) it can reach the Replacement point very quickly, at a cost of $20K+ to pull out the spent lead, clean up the old rubber, and install new. If by using Lead as opposed to jacketed you only have to do that twice a year, instead of 4-5 times, it can make a HUGE difference to Club Finances.

  • John Thompson

    Must not be that many reloaders in the club, if they can’t find non-jacketed ammo.

  • Kellie

    I have no issue with a bullet vending machine at a gun range. It’s a gun range, bullets are in use. My only concern is the safety of the machine itself. Admittedly, this is a topic I’m not well educated on but is the fall from being dispensed safe? Just seems like one with a robotic arm to lessen impact would be preferable. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Will not go off. No issue. Period. I load all the time. I repeat. That would mean that simply being in the presence of the repercussion of military artillery would be sufficient to set every round within 100 feet including that in the armorers guns to go off. Every bounce of a military delivery vehicle on a rutted road. Every time a soldier dropped a can of 1000 9mm bullets on a ship deck we would hear of stories of sailors dying en masse. Airmen killed when a supply plane landed a little too hard. Please…

  • Dianita Mew Mew

    Sugar and fatty foods are killing more people than anything else in the world, it is at the reach of everybody including kids, and no one complains. The irony.

  • Josh Nielsen

    $21 for 50 .45 rounds…..damnit, I need to move to PA and join this club! Or they need to open one here.

  • MrApple

    If this is only open and available to those who are allowed at the range then why are the neighbors/anti-gun crowd getting their panties in a twist? An ammo vending machine sounds like a good idea to me.

  • Herve Lebarbe

    Tell these libtar to go f……..k them self somewhere else

  • Neil G

    This is a brilliant idea! Every gun shop should have one of these, it’ll free up the staff to assist other consumers.

  • Mike

    they’re crying cause they can’t shoot their ammo, not cause it’s installed. I’ve seen ranges where you had to shoot rifles with pistol powder rounds from the range. At first my thought was oh that’s not a bigt deal. but if you wish to practice with specific ammo, that ranges ammo can have a different point of impact from the ammo you may wish to zero your gun for to hunt or if you’re law enforcement etc

  • Michael P Reed Sr.

    I do not see the problem. You have to buy the ammo somewhere. If they don’t sell it behind the counter this is the next best thing. If you run out it is alway there to get more.

  • marshallbrinson

    Is there not enough to worry about these days without getting upset about an Ammunition Vending Machine…in of all places…A GUN RANGE??!!?? Seriously?????

  • biggunTerry Gleason

    the insanity gets worse and worse

  • BrianW517

    Isn’t America just GREAT!? You Just Gotta Love America!?!

  • Alan404

    What price this “vending machine ammunition”, as opposed to the cast bullet ammunition shooters could load themselves or purchase elsewhere. Also, what is the quality of this vending machine ammunition? Nothing about that possibly interesting point.

  • Alan404

    As to the safety issue, anyone using firearms,with ANY type of ammunition without protective glasses is an idiot. The ranges I’ve seen REQUIRE both eye and ear (hearing) protection while firing.

  • Jeff Blauch Sr

    And this coming from my state that is now allowing “Home Delivery” for Beer from local restaurants/bars that sell beer. (next they will be able to deliver liquor, too).
    Besides, which shooter would want to expend his higher cost “jacketed” rounds instead of less expensive “target” rounds?
    “keep the good stuff for my protection, use target ammo on targets” That is MY saying.

  • Carlos Ramirez

    The fear of ” Liberals ” on the Ammo issue, I found an old secret video on why the bullets are so dangerous.. please keep in mind.. is very graphics and scary..