Armed And Homeless Part I: Homeless Veteran Tells His Story


I work with a local Veteran’s group and we often do activities like get warm jackets and food to the local veteran’s homeless shelter. This shelter is located in Manchester and works specifically with just homeless vets. Right now, the temperature in New Hampshire hovers around single digits. Good food, calories, and warm clothing aren’t […]

How Other People Tell You’re Carrying A Concealed Gun


For first time concealed carriers, the paranoia is completely understandable. If you’re carrying a concealed handgun for the first time, you’re probably worried about someone discovering you have a gun and confronting you about it. You’re probably worried about the gun falling out of your holster and knock around on the ground. You’re worried that […]

Are ‘Enhanced’ Concealed Carry Permits Worth It?


Recently, Arkansas legislators began working on a bill that would create an ‘enhanced’ concealed carry permit that allowed the permit holder to go onto the campuses of universities, churches, and other places where traditionally concealed carrier could not go. The big caveat is the permit applicant will need to have taken an advanced course curriculum […]