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Armed Homeowner Shoots Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband After He Reportedly Broke Into Home

In Midwest City, Oklahoma, a man intervened when his girlfriend’s estranged husband, Mauricio Alexander Delarosa, allegedly broke into their home. This event sparked support from a neighbor for the state’s permissive firearm laws. Oklahoma law allows residents 21 and older to openly or concealed carry firearms without requiring a permit.

The altercation happened on a Wednesday morning on Flannery Drive. The residents were alerted by their dog’s barking, and the male homeowner went to investigate. He encountered Delarosa inside the residence. The police identified Delarosa as the estranged husband of the female homeowner. He was unknown to the current boyfriend before this incident.

Delarosa allegedly lunged at the boyfriend, who then secured his firearm and shot Delarosa once in the chest. Prior to this incident, police records illustrate that Delarosa had incessantly called his estranged wife over 170 times from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning. After being shot, Delarosa managed to flee the scene but was found in a neighboring yard and transported to a hospital. He is slated for jail after hospital treatment and is charged with first-degree burglary and stalking.

The neighbor, identified only as Gabrielle, expressed relief over the state’s open-carry law, emphasizing the importance of self-defense, particularly in a state where many residents are armed. She warned intruders about the risks of unlawful entry into homes of single parents and others who are prepared to defend their households.

The incident underscores the dialogue surrounding gun laws and individual rights to protection and emphasizes the potential consequences faced by perpetrators of domestic violence and unlawful entry.

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