Man Driving Truck Has To Dodge Bullets Matrix-Style After Coming Under Attack


A gun isn’t going to save you in a case like this, but your smarts and ability to maintain control over your vehicle is absolutely going to save you.

This guy is cruising down the road, minding his own business and making a living. Up ahead, there are two men on the road who open fire on the cab of the truck. Before they do, the man in the truck senses something off and prepares to protect himself, which likely saved his life.

The gunmen miss their target, or at least were unsuccessful in stopping the truck to perform their robbery. The next best thing would have been for the driver to b-line it towards one of the attackers, but he had a clear route between them and chose that method of escape.

It’s a wild thing to watch, but gives us some pointers to save ourselves if we are ever in his shoes.

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