Home Invasion Occurs, Woman Buys Gun To Be Ready Next Time, Then Another Home Invasion Weeks Later

SMITHFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA — During a second home invasion attempt in just a few weeks, Barbara and Sam Temple were ready this time around.

A few weeks ago, intruders entered the home and took off with $27,000. After this first invasion, Barbara went out and purchased a 9mm handgun for protection.

Then, two men broke into their home again Thursday night while the couple was home. As soon as Barbara realized that another home invasion was happening, she went and grabbed her new 9mm purchase.

“When I got the gun, they realized that I had that gun, and that is when my leg got hit,” she said.

Even though she was wounded, Barbara managed to fire several shots at the intruders. After bullets started flying in their direction, they made the best decision of the night: leave the home as fast as they could, empty handed.

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