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No Charges In Keene Shooting After Officials Rule Self-Defense

KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE — It has been almost a year since a man fatally shot another man outside his Keene residence. However, officials recently announced that they would not be pressing any charges in the case.

Shane Frazier, the man who pulled the trigger, claimed that he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed Kristopher Chagnon, 27, in May 2022.

According to investigators, witnesses testified that Frazier found one of his children next door, which made him upset. When Frazier and his child went back home, a group of people followed them and stood outside his door, with one of them even going inside the house.

Frazier reported that he grabbed his gun and warned the group never to enter his home again. However, Chagnon allegedly ran up the stairs, pushed the door open, and got in Frazier’s face. Despite Frazier’s repeated warnings, Chagnon didn’t back down, and Frazier eventually pulled the trigger.

While there was some evidence supporting Frazier’s self-defense claim, police received differing information from witnesses. However, the attorney general’s office concluded that prosecutors would be unable to disprove Frazier’s self-defense claim at trial.

Hence, no charges will be filed in the case. The case serves as a reminder to all gun owners that using a firearm in self-defense can be a tricky legal issue, and is a very serious thing. It is always best to consult with an experienced attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

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