Creator Of Cash App Stabbed To Death In San Fransisco

SAN FRANSISCO, CALIFORNIA — Bob Lee, a prominent figure in the tech industry and an executive at cryptocurrency firm MobileCoin, tragically passed away on Tuesday after being stabbed in San Francisco, according to Forbes.

Lee reportedly had previously contributed to the creation of the popular mobile payment service Cash App during his tenure at Block, formerly known as Square.

Authorities responded to a reported stabbing incident near the Bay Bridge at 2:35 a.m. on Tuesday, where they found the 43-year-old entrepreneur severely injured.

Lee was rushed to the hospital, but succumbed to his injuries. The San Francisco police have yet to make an arrest and have not released any information regarding potential suspects.

Lee didn’t even live in the area anymore. He reportedly had recently relocated to Miami, was visiting the Bay Area on the day of the incident.

Lee held the position of chief product officer at MobileCoin, a cryptocurrency startup established in 2017. He also provided angel investment for companies such as Tile and Figma.

Prior to his work at MobileCoin, Lee played a pivotal role in the creation of Cash App in 2013 while working for Jack Dorsey’s Block, where he initially joined to develop the company’s Android app.

In 2011, he was reportedly promoted to the role of chief technology officer and transitioned to MobileCoin in 2021.

MobileCoin’s founder, Joshua Goldbard, took to Twitter on Wednesday write in memory of Lee, praising his intellect, energy, and significant contributions to the growth of the company.

Goldbard also expressed concerns about San Francisco’s safety in his posts.

“As a lifelong Bay Area resident I have more questions than answers tonight. I don’t know how to fix what’s wrong, but I know something isn’t working in our grey city,” Goldbard wrote according to Forbes.

He is not the only one to do so, and California has a long and illustrious history of working hard to keep guns out of lawfully-armed citizens’ hands.

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