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Man Only Catches Gun Charge After Liquor Store Shooting That Kills 1, Wounds Another On Nearby Bus

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Juan Ferba, 26, is facing charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm after shooting two individuals in December in Chicago, but nothing more, according to reports.

The police arrested Ferba with the intention of charging him with murder and attempted murder, according to CWB Chicago. However, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office declined to charge Ferba with either offense due to “self-defense.”

The shooting took place outside a liquor store on the South Side of Chicago and video footage showed Ferba drawing a gun after making a comment to the man who would eventually be killed, Kristopher Willett. Willett and Ferba reportedly appeared to draw their firearms simultaneously.

Ferba reportedly fired between 14 and 19 shots. Willett was shot three times in the head and died, while a woman on a nearby CTA bus was shot in her hand.

Ferba’s defense attorney argued that there was no indication that the firearm was ever found in Ferba’s possession.

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