Concealed Carrier Holds Suspected Child Kidnapper At Gunpoint

This is one of the many reasons why we should be carrying. We oftentimes discuss not inserting ourselves in someone else’s business. But hearing a kid screaming while being dragged out of a car should cause any of us to spring into action.

Kelcey Willis was in line to get an oil change at a Walmart in Georgia on the afternoon of Nov. 6, 2022, when he heard a kid screaming, “Please don’t beat me!” He looked in the direction the scream came from, and he saw a man pull a young child from a vehicle. The man then dragged the kid behind the building.

Willis initially thought that the man and child were going to use the bathroom, but the child’s screams kept getting louder and louder. So he grabbed his gun and ran after them.

“By the time I came around the corner, he was on top of him choking him choking him and at that point, I just put my gun up and held him at gunpoint and grabbed the kid,” says Willis – via WGXA News

Willis held the suspect at gunpoint until the police arrived. The suspect man was charged with aggravated assault and cruelty towards a child. It was later found out that the suspect and child were related, and the suspect was not charged with kidnapping.

“If I ain’t step in and I ain’t react as fast as I did, the kid would probably be dead… He would’ve choked the child cold once we got the kid out the woods he said the man was going to beat him and leave him for the animals”, says Willis.

By Luke McCoy via USA Carry and republished with permission.

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