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Man Asleep On Couch Wakes To Two Intruders Kicking In His Door, Then Fires Biden Shot

YAKIMA, WASHINGTON — A homeowner was asleep on his couch when police say two people broke through the door, waking up that homeowner in a hurry.

As soon as they made entry, the homeowner screamed at them and received expletives in return. Right after this exchange, they apparently took off.

The homeowner wanted justice, though, and took a Biden Shot. A Biden Shot is when a person fires a gun in a terrible fashion, such as firing warning shots into the air or shooting the tires on the fleeing suspect’s vehicle

The homeowner attempted to disable the vehicle with a shot to the rear tire with his shotgun as the burglars were driving away. The resident described the vehicle as an early 2000’s dark green Ford extended cab truck.

via nbcrightnow.com

No items were missing from the home and police have no idea if the Biden Shot struck the vehicle.

If it’s one thing we know, it’s that firing at fleeing suspects is not a recommended activity, since the fleeing suspects are no longer a threat to yourself or your home.

If the threat leaves, don’t try to stop them by giving chase. You then open yourself up to a whole host of potential problems, including gunfire coming your way that wasn’t a problem prior to the chase.

Swallow your pride, let them go, and give police an accurate description so that they can try to find them.

It’s not worth your life to give chase to a criminal.

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