Watch This Parent Pull Out A Knife During A PTA Meeting To Prove His Point

The video commentator speaks of a switchblade, but it doesn’t look like such a knife in the video. Regardless, concern was raised when a parent pulled out this knife while making a point that, if SHTF, police will take time to respond and damage can be done in the meantime. Watch the video above. His point was how easy it was for him to get into the school with a knife. Whether he was trying to promote metal detectors, armed police, armed teachers, or all of the above remains unknown from the video. However, his point was clearly made. The way in which he made his point is up for debate. Sure it got people talking and opening their eyes, but it seems a little extreme in the way that he did it. Talking to a kid, telling that kid that she is vulnerable, and then displaying a knife. People were definitely upset. Simply stating that “I have a knife on me and got into the school” would have probably sufficed, since everyone there would have known that they didn’t have to walk through a metal detector or get searched before entering. In any event, a point was made and has received attention. What do you think about this parent’s approach at his daughters’ school?
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