[VIDEO] Man Lucky To Be Alive After Suspect’s Gun Malfunctions Multiple Times

A Las Vegas homeowner is lucky to be alive after a robbery attempt yesterday. It looks like luck was on his side.

Shortly before 2:30 PM yesterday, a Las Vegas, NV man returned home and parked his car in his garage. At the same time, a man attempted to rob him either inside of his garage or just outside of it.

The victim ran away as the suspect chased him to the house across the street from his. As the homeowner was trying to enter the gate of his neighbor’s home, the suspect attempted to shoot the victim, but his gun malfunctioned. The suspect attempts to clear the malfunction and shoot the suspect again but no dice. He tries to clear it again and fire, and still…no dice.

After three malfunctions, the suspect decided to run off. He jumped into a nearby vehicle and sped off. The police are still looking for the suspect.

And this is exactly why I carry. Every. Damn. Day. No one is coming to save you—only yourself.

By Luke McCoy via USA Carry and republished with permission.

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