No, This Doesn’t Mean ‘Free Gun’ In Your Rental Car

A Facebook user posed a few videos after reportedly finding a handgun inside his rental car as he was picking it up from the Detroit airport.

FYI, if you ever find a gun inside of your rental car when you pick it up, it doesn’t mean free gun. It means call the police and have them come over and handle it because for all you know, it could have been used in a crime.

I have to even feel the need to mention that.

This guy seems to have handled things properly, and I hope that the rental car company at least gave him a free rental, because that’s something that absolutely should never happen. What if a kid had hopped into that passenger seat and found it?

As for the owner of the gun, let’s be reminded that we always need to be blatantly aware of the location of our firearms at all times. There are no exceptions to this rule.

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