If You Think Someone Won’t Shoot You, It’s Too Late If They Prove You Wrong


Beef between two people, apparently over drugs, led to the shooting of a man who was enjoying some time at what looks like a café. Someone who didn’t like him approached from the parking lot and walked up to him, pulling out a handgun along the way.

The two were known to each other, so the victim in this case may not have thought the guy would have pulled the trigger. Except he did.

He ends up being shot in both legs, but still manages to run off and survive the incident. Both men were known by police, and both men did not lead the best lives.

Had the victim been armed with a gun himself, he would have had time to draw and fire before everything went down, but only if he were paying close attention to what was going on and what the guy was doing with his hands while approaching.

One thing to note about the bystander sitting a few tables away; he does nothing to save himself and remove himself from the area. His deer in the headlights response could have ended with him being shot if this gunman was looking for more victims.

If someone walks into an area that you’re in and is displaying a gun, you need to think about your safety. Watching from a close distance while smoking a cigarette is not the way to guarantee you’re going home that day.

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