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3 Men Ambush Concealed Carrier Outside Convenience Store And It Doesn’t Go Well For Them

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FLORIDA — A concealed carrier acted in self-defense after he shot back at three attackers who had ambushed him outside a convenience store after ‘having beef’ with the man from an earlier altercation at the same store. A witness told police that the group were seen in a verbal altercation with the man earlier, and as they left they fired a gun into the air.

As the man left the store on February 10th, he was approached by the three attackers who had planned out the ambush. They fired at him, which he in turn drew his own gun and fired back, striking one of the men.

That man later died from his injuries, and his two buddies are facing felony murder.

Dominic Anthony Burleson, 20, and Jamaine Lereil Flowers, 19, were charged in connection to the fatal shooting of their friend, Sherman Knight, who died from a gunshot wound during a shootout with another man who shot back in self-defense after he was allegedly ambushed by Burleson, Flowers and Knight.

via pnj.com

Witnesses who saw the events unfold spoke with police, confirming the concealed carrier’s account of the incident. Police also located surveillance video that confirmed the man acted in self-defense when he fired back.

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