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Armed Man With Restraining Order Kicks In Front Door, Is Immediately Shot And Killed By Ex-Girlfriend’s New Boyfriend

TULSA, OKLAHOMA — A man is dead after violating a restraining order by means of kicking in the front door of his ex-girlfriend’s home, the same person who filed and received the restraining order. On the other side of the door was her new boyfriend and his gun.

The suspect was identified as 21-year-old Christian Holdman, who won’t be seeing a 22nd birthday. Police say when he came through the door armed, he went for the man inside, who immediately fired his gun.

The man who pulled the trigger was questioned by police and released.

A judge recently granted the restraining order that stated Holdman needed to stay at least 100 yards away from his ex-girlfriend and her home. Holdman was also required to surrender all firearms, but it looks like he kept at least one, since the news stories state that he was armed (I’m assuming it was a gun).

It appears that nothing was going to stop Holdman from seeking revenge, except for an intended victim and his gun. This is why we carry, it’s why we train, and it’s why we know that we are the only ones who can save ourselves in a split second.

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