Homeowner Discovers Intruder — Gives Multiple Options To Leave, Only Shoots When No Other Option Left


BILLINGS, MONTANA — A homeowner offered an intruder multiple opportunities to leave before fatally shooting him with a 12-gauge shotgun. According to the homeowner, he discovered the intruder in his home at approximately 3 a.m. and asked the intruder to leave. The intruder kept advancing so the homeowner retrieved a shotgun and asked again. The intruder continued and, at last, the homeowner had to defend his own life and shot the suspect once.

According to KTVQ 2 News, the intruder died at the scene. The homeowner told authorities that he feared for his life and that of his girlfriend and two children. It was determined that the intruder entered the home through an unlocked door. The family is cooperating with the investigation but it is being treated as a case of self-defense.

Alright, there’s one easy, correctable mistake that was made in this story. We have to remember to lock all our doors and windows. Giving a potential intruder a free pass to come and go as he or she pleases will not end well for at least one party involved.

We’re going to give this man credit where credit is due. He earnestly offered the opportunity to leave peaceably and without the chance of anyone getting hurt. Not once. Twice. That’s someone who isn’t looking to hurt anyone and would much rather prefer that everything get chalked up to a lapse in judgement on behalf of the intruder.

Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen. Who the heck knows what this man would have done but if he’s not willing to desist even with a gun pointed at him, it’s likely he’s not the reasonable, rational type.

The homeowner protected himself, his family, and his home from harm. It’s sad he had to use deadly force but he certainly gave every opportunity to the other man to avoid that outcome.

Sometimes, it’s the best any of us can do. If you’re a gun owner, you’re probably serious about protecting your family and yourself. As you should. Where bloodshed is avoidable, let it be avoided. But where harm may be intended, there really is no choice but to defend yourself.

Defend your home and keep that firearm nearby. All of your household deserves it — including you.

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