[VIDEO] Road Rage Suspect Throws Hammer Into Driver’s Windshield

Road rage is something that happens every single day, and sometimes it can turn violent in a hurry. A driver was attempting to merge onto a road when another vehicle was doing the same thing.

“As they traveled northbound, the Jeep’s driver continued to honk so our victim took the Ballinger Way exit to avoid a freeway confrontation,” authorities said.

Moments later, the driver of the Jeep sped ahead of the other driver and stopped. He then got out of his Jeep and threw a large hammer at the driver’s windshield, all of which was captured on dash cam video.

The suspect was arrested 3 days later on unrelated charges.

Watch the video below.

As an armed citizen, if you can’t get out of the area in a safe and effective way, the use of deadly force may be justified. Even though the suspect had already thrown the hammer, you simply don’t know if he has any other items that he’d use as weapons. It’s a tricky call from a legal standpoint, but if you feel that your life is in danger, chances are you’d be justified in using lethal force.

Luckily in this case, the suspect got back into his vehicle and took off.

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