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Alert Victim Of Domestic Violence Gives Enough Heads Up To Save 3 Lives

QUEENS, NEW YORK — In a rare case of legal gun ownership, the gun owner uses his firearms for evil.

A woman went to a police station to report ongoing domestic violence, and asked for help with gathering her belongings at the home she shared with the suspect. Police went to the home with her so that she could do just that, and as they were there, the suspect came home with two guns in his hands.

The woman saw him coming through the window, allowing crucial seconds for the officers to heighten their already elevated alerts.

The suspect opens the front door and immediately opens fire on all three inside, striking both officers. They returned shots, striking the suspect multiple times and killing him.

The woman was not injured during the shootout.

Can a bad guy be disguised in good guy clothing? Of course, although it’s incredibly rare.

The 41-year-old Goppy worked as a peace officer at the City University of New York and had a license for the multiple guns in his home. Police recovered two weapons, both handguns, at the scene.

CUNY, where Goppy worked, released a statement that said: “The City College of New York community learned today that Specialist Rondell Goppy, a City College Public Safety Officer, lost his life in the course of an apparent domestic violence incident at his home in Queens. The City College community extends its deepest sympathies to Officer Goppy’s family.”

Given the history of domestic violence complaints, the big question comes up; how was Goppy still in possession of any firearms?

Shea said part of the investigation would include why he still had the guns given the history of domestic violence complaints, but police did say that at one point the guns had been taken away. Family, friends and neighbors of the couple told NBC New York there were frequent problems between the two, and that their relationship had turned toxic. According to a family friend, Goppy had mentioned that someone was trying to “take his kids from him.”

Remaining on the topic of how Goppy held onto his firearms through the years, new information pops up that shows he did lose them, but later regained access after a few evaluations.

On July 16, following a similar quarrel, the NYPD ordered Goppy to surrender his guns after learning he was having suicidal thoughts, a police source said.

His guns were taken and he went to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation, the source said. He was cleared to return to work but the NYPD sought a second, independent evaluation. The second evaluation also cleared Goppy to get his guns back, the source said.

At the same time, the wife wrote a letter to the NYPD saying she did not feel threatened by him, did not consider him a danger and that she felt he should get his guns back, the source said. He got them in September.

via nydailynews.com

The video below is graphic in nature, and shows the exchange of gunfire between Goppy and the officers.

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