Want 15+1 Capacity In Your Springfield Armory Hellcat? The Wait Is Over!

Today is the day where one of the most popular concealed carry handguns gets an upgrade, to the tune of 2 extra rounds in the magazine.

The Hellcat by Springfield Armory was introduced in late 2019, and the hype around it still goes on today. The release came with an 11-round flush magazine and a 13-round extended magazine. Now, available for the first time ever is a 15-round factory magazine.

That’s huge for this handgun, and keeps it in serious competition with anything else on the market to date.

The magazine comes in slightly taller than the 13-round, but the length added isn’t going to deter many. I’ll be testing the new mag out this week, paying attention to all the details to see how it folds up and fairs with daily carry.

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