Couple Stop to Help “Stranded Motorists” and End Up Fighting for Their Lives


DALLAS, TEXAS – Three people attempted to rob a Good Samaritan early Tuesday morning, shooting at him before he fought back and a woman with him gained control of the gun and shot one of the suspects.  It all unfolded in the 2300 block of Royal Lane near North Stemmons Freeway around 12:45 a.m. according to Dallas police.

A man pulled over to see if he could help what he thought were some people having car trouble. Instead, one of the people pulled a gun, demanded his property, and then shot at him. The bullet missed its intended mark, and the victim struggled with the gunman causing the gun to fall to the ground.

That’s when a woman who was in the car with the man picked up the gun and shot at the suspects, hitting one of them. The suspects fled in a vehicle, which was later located by police. They stopped the vehicle and apprehended the occupants, with Dallas Fire-Rescue transporting the one with a gunshot would to a local hospital.

Most of us are the type of people who are willing to help someone in need; however, in this day and time that is not always the safest thing to do.  The couple in the car would have been much better off if they had called police to check on the “stranded motorist” instead of stopping and putting themselves at risk of robbery, injury, or death. Faking car trouble or injuries is a trick used by many would-be robbers, kidnappers, and murderers to catch good people with their guard down. In this case, thanks to teamwork, it worked out ok for this couple, but that is seldom the case.


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