In-Depth Comparison Of 4 Concealed Carry Insurance, Legal Protection Companies

Concealed Carry Insurance

The surge in gun sales and the increase in first-time gun owners has led to a significant rise in the need for concealed carry insurance. Fortunately, there are several excellent concealed carry insurance options available that provide essential support during challenging times.

Picking the best concealed carry insurance and legal protection are critical for responsible gun owners, serving as an essential safeguard in today’s complex legal environment. The decision to carry a concealed firearm comes with significant responsibilities, one of which includes preparing for the legal aftermath that could follow a self-defense incident. Understanding the importance of these protective measures can help gun owners make informed decisions about their safety and legal security.


Most people call it concealed carry insurance, or ccw insurance. In reality, it’s Concealed Carry Legal Protection. While these terms are interchangeable, it’s important to know the proper terminology.

Carrying a concealed firearm inherently increases one’s exposure to legal risks. Even in clear cases of self-defense, the possibility of facing criminal charges or civil lawsuits cannot be ignored. In the heat of a critical incident, a gun owner’s actions might be scrutinized under local, state, and federal laws, which often vary widely and can be subject to interpretation. The aftermath of a self-defense shooting can involve police investigations, criminal charges, and potentially long legal battles that can be financially and emotionally draining.

Financial Implications

Concealed Carry Insurance

The costs associated with legal defense in firearm-related incidents can be astronomical. Hiring experienced defense attorneys, covering court fees, and possibly paying for bail can quickly deplete one’s savings. Without financial support, the average person may struggle to afford adequate legal representation, which is crucial in achieving a fair outcome in both criminal and civil courts. Concealed carry insurance can mitigate these financial burdens, ensuring that policyholders have access to competent legal counsel and other necessary resources during their legal proceedings.

Benefits of Concealed Carry Insurance

Concealed carry insurance typically offers several key benefits:

  1. Legal Fee Coverage: Most policies cover legal fees, attorney costs, and even court fees, which can be significant in cases of self-defense.
  2. Bail Bond Assistance: Some insurance plans provide coverage for bail bonds, which can be invaluable in allowing the insured to remain out of custody during their trial.
  3. Civil Suit Defense and Damages: In addition to criminal proceedings, concealed carry insurance often extends to civil defense and any resultant damages, protecting the insured from potential financial ruin due to civil liability.

Choosing the Right Insurance Plan

Not all concealed carry insurance plans are created equal. Gun owners must carefully evaluate each plan’s coverage details, including the limits on legal expense coverage, the inclusion of bail bond assistance, and whether the policy offers a choice in legal representation. It’s also important to consider the insurer’s reputation and the experiences of other policyholders to ensure reliable and effective support when needed.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, the value of the best concealed carry insurance lies in the peace of mind it provides. Knowing that one has financial and legal backing can alleviate the added stress in the already traumatic aftermath of a self-defense incident. This insurance ensures that the gun owner can focus on their immediate safety and health without the looming threat of unmanageable legal expenses.

United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) (Visit)

USCCA is the #1 provider in the space in terms of number of members. Their monthly plans start at $22, and they provide a wide range of additional services such as a monthly magazine and online training resources.

USCCA limits coverage of criminal defense expenses to $250,000 and civil liability defense costs to $2 million. On the plus side, they pay legal expenses for covered incidents up front provide a $750 per diem during a trial.

CCW Safe (Visit)

CCW Safe’s plans start at $16 per month and features unlimited coverage for both criminal and civil defense. They allow you to choose your own attorney (with CCW Safe approval) and have a generous bail coverage feature. CCW Safe’s per diem payment is $250 per day.

Second Call Defense (Visit)

Second Call Defense’s plan start at only $9.95 per month for a very limited plan. Three other tiers of coverage are available with different levels of benefits depending on your needs. Second Call has lower benefit limits than the other plans in this comparison, limiting criminal defense to a maximum of $100,000 and civil liability defense to $1,250,000.

Second call will allow you to choose your own attorney, pays expenses up front and will pay a $500 per diem during trial.

ACLDN’s coverage starts at $12 per month and features coverage based on a percentage of ACLDN’s overall fund. ACLDN pays the member’s attorney $25,000, then additional expense reimbursements are approved by the company’s review board.

Benefits are available up to a maximum of half of their total defense fund, whatever that fund total may be at the time. The plan has a variety of terms and conditions that prospective members should be sure to understand before joining.

Comparison Chart of Concealed Carry Insurance

Monthly Fee$22-$47$13-$42$10-$35$11
Criminal Defense Limit$250,000Unlimited$100,000Unlimited*
Civil Defense Limit$2,000,000Unlimited$1,250,000Unlimited*
Non-Emergency Member Attorney AccessNoNoNoNo
Bail Bond/Expert WitnessYesYesYesYes
Hunting CoverageNoNoNoNo
Spouse/Children CovgOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Gun Owner ID TheftNoNoNoNo
Any Legal WeaponYesYesFirearm OnlyYes


Selecting the best ccw insurance is essential for any responsible gun owner. With the growing number of firearm owners and the complexities of legal issues associated with self-defense, having robust insurance coverage can provide peace of mind and substantial legal and financial support when it’s most needed.

Take the time to evaluate each option carefully, considering your specific needs and circumstances. By choosing a comprehensive plan from a reputable provider, you ensure that you are well-prepared to handle any legal challenges that might arise from the use of your firearm in defense. Make sure your choice in concealed carry insurance aligns with your commitment to safety and responsibility.

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