Man Trying To Rob Home Is Shot For His Stupidity


DALLAS, TX — A man was shot and severely wounded after he attempted to break into a home that he had already scoped out that morning.

Apparently, the thug didn’t care that the house was occupied, and not thinking there might be a gun, learned the hard way not to mess with Texas.

As KDFW reports:

It happened in the 9500 block of Moss Farm Lane near Abrams Road and Royal Lane. The homeowner said the man first rang his doorbell around 5 a.m. He apologized for being at the wrong home and left.

A few minutes later the man came back, kicked in the door and forced his way inside. But the homeowner had a gun and opened fire, police said.

Neighbors said they heard about a half a dozen shots. When responding officers arrived they found the wounded suspect in the street. The suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition. He is expected to survive, police said.

A neighbor, whose bedroom window is just yards away, described what she heard.

“I hear someone screaming and then I hear 5 or 6 gunshots so I freaked out. I ran to my bathroom, locked myself in there because I didn’t know where the gunshots were coming from. I didn’t know if he had seen me turn my light on and was like saying something to me. I had no idea what was going on,” said Savannah Askin.

You would think that the thug would have run off after approaching the house the first time, but no. Had to be stupid.

KDFW reports that the homeowner and his wife were unhurt, although I am certain that they were rattled by the experience.

Score one for the good guys.

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