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Father Carrying Child Is Attacked By 4 Thugs, Pulls Gun And Fires Multiple Rounds

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — An armed father carrying his baby was faced with four attackers in a McDonald’s parking lot this past Tuesday. For people to attack a person who has a child in their arms is beyond disgusting, but this father wasn’t just carrying a child.
“They jumped out of the car and they started fighting him and trying to take his wallet and stuff,” said witness David Chase, who called 911 from across the street. “He was fighting them. He dropped his baby and started fighting them and the child was just sitting on the concrete,” Chase added.
Putting his child in the only place he could think of, the man then got his firearm out and fired at the suspects, hitting one of them and sending the others running for their lives.
All four suspects returned to their car and fled, dropping the wounded suspect off at a fire station down the road.
These thugs didn’t know what they had coming to them and when they found out, their true inner coward came out. That’s what happened in most cases when the bad guy suddenly finds himself faced with an armed citizen. Memphis police wouldn’t say if the armed man would be charged, but we believe that this looks like a definite case of self-defense. Chase told reporters that the father made the right call, and also mentioned something to the police if they needed to consider charges; “He was doing what any father should have did: protect his child. And I also told the police whether he had a gun license or not, it was a righteous shot. He did what any man would do for his kids,” he said.
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