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Upset With Long Wait Times, Crazed Woman Pulls Out Gun; Is Stopped By Off-Duty Police Officer

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI — Yes, we all hate the long lines at the DMV. In fact, long wait times at the DMV has become something of a national joke. Countless television shows and movies have joked about this scenario. However, for this Kansas City woman, the long lines were no laughing matter.

“She was cussing at the staff and she was upset about the wait time,” Hutsler told FOX4 shortly after the incident.

Despite her claims that it was a matter of national security, the woman later identified as Vanessa Richey was told she’d have to wait. She knocked a printer off the counter and allegedly told an employee she was going to get a gun and stormed out of the office.

“He’s yelling, ‘You need to get out of here. There’s a lady with a gun. She just fired shots.’”

Via Fox4KC

While all of this was going on, off duty police officer John King had just pulled in to the DMV parking lot. Wearing shorts and flip-flops, and accompanied by his wife and baby, King showed up just in time.

A man fleeing the chaos inside told King what was happening, and identified the woman causing all the trouble as she exited the DMV. King watched Richey retrieve her purse and attempting to head back inside. King drew his weapon and identified himself as a police officer. He ordered her to the ground.

Richey ignored the command and continued her trek towards the door. That is when King and another bystander tackled her to the ground. King restrained her until more police arrived and arrested Richey.

Later, Kansas City Police Chief Richard Smith presented Officer John King a Distinguished Service Medal. King said that he recently considered not carrying his off-duty weapon all the time, a decision he is glad he didn’t make.

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