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Career Criminal Shot While Trying To Rob Concealed Carrier

RICHLAND, WASHINGTONG — Cash, blood, and shell casings is what police found when they arrived to the scene. A career criminal, with the assistance of two teens, attempted an armed robbery. The only problem was that the intended victim was a concealed carrier; and he shot back.

Marnicus Collins contacted investigating officers to say he had shot a man who’d hit him in the face with a gun during a robbery attempt.

Collins reported that Cabebe had pointed a gun at him and ordered him to hand over all his possessions. He said he was reaching into his coat pocket when Cabebe hit him on the face.

Collins, who had his own gun, then fired several rounds at his attacker, wounding him at least once. Cabebe shot back one time but did not hit Collins, documents said.

Via Tri-City Herald

Cabebe, the career criminal, was later dropped off at a nearby hospital where police caught up with him. Cabebe’s two teenage sidekicks were found in the parking garage with a large amount of cash. They admitted to helping Cabebe with the armed robbery attempt.

When police arrived on scene, Collins surrendered his weapon peacefully. Cabebe, on the other hand, is not legally allowed to own or carry a firearm because of his criminal history. If found guilty of the armed robbery attempt, additional charges will be heaped on because of his use with a gun.

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