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Concealed Carrier Shot In Both Legs After Drawing On Armed Robbers

FAIRLAWN, OHIO — An armed citizen is recovering after a gunfight with two armed robbers after he drew his firearm during their robbery attempt.

This is one of those instances where the good guy is shot as he is engaging the suspects, and it’s important to remember that this is always a potential outcome when going up against armed resistance.

Local media reports;

Officers found the 24-year-old victim with two gunshot wounds to his legs. The victim told police that he had just arrived at a nearby home when two men walked up to him. Both of the men had weapons pointed at him and then demanded money, authorities stated.

The victim, who holds a CCW permit, drew his gun, and that’s when police say multiple shots were fired by the robbers and the victim.

via news5cleveland.com

Both robbers took off before police arrived, and they unfortunately don’t have a good description of either suspect.

The armed citizen was taken to the hospital for treatment.

While the exact details are unknown, it’s important to plan a draw around your circumstances. If a gun is pointed at you, is probably a bad time to draw. If their attention is diverted, then an opportunity may present itself for you to make your move.

One tactic; throw your keys or wallet off to the side during a robbery, and you’re almost certain to have the robber look in that direction. This should allow you some extra time to make a move, if making a move is a part of your decision.

We hope for a quick and full recovery for the armed citizen, and also hope that police are able to identify and locate the two suspects.

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