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[FIREARM REVIEW] NEW Walther PDP (Performance Duty Pistol) 9mm

Last month, Walther Arms announced they created a dynamic new pistol that would offer several modern features that today’s shooters desire in a handgun. Anticipation strongly grew as firearm enthusiasts speculated about the new design. How could Walther top their flagship PPQ handgun? Let’s face it, the Walther PPQ’s design, ergonomics, smoother trigger and shooting accuracy would be hard to improve upon. On Tuesday, February 16th, Walther ended all of the speculation with the announcement of their new pistol called the Walther PDP (Performance Duty Pistol). The Walther PDP is an optic ready duty pistol with enhanced features and amazing ergonomics. Two PDP models were created. A compact size with a 4” barrel and a full size with a 4.5” barrel. This review features the compact Walther PDP.

Performance Duty Grip

The new Walther PDP handguns are loaded with enhanced features. Let’s start with the “Performance Duty” textured grip. The new grip is heavily stippled while keeping the cross-directional ergonomics that shooters love with Walther pistols. I never believed the ergonomics could be improved on the Walther PPQ. Many people consider the PPQ’s grip among the best in the industry. The PDP model’s grip takes the similar grip design, makes it more textured and it feels great in the hand. Also, the new grip looks super cool on the pistol.

Optic Ready?

Red dot optics are very popular with today’s shooters and the Walther PDP models met the demand. It ships with a cover plate installed but includes a mounting plate (shooter’s choice) to install a red dot optic. I went with a Vortex Viper red dot. Simply removing the cover plate and installing the mounting plate, the PDP is ready to go. Add your favorite red dot optic, sight it in and experience incredible shooting accuracy. See the attached video to watch the Walther PDP in action.    

Superterrain Serrations & Sights

The front and rear slide serrations are very deeply cut. Walther calls them “Superterrain Serrations.” Charging the pistol along with press checks is a breeze with the deep slide serrations. The Superterrain serrations allow for quicker and more responsive hands-on engagement with the pistol. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. It is slightly raised to a height that allows the shooter to use the three dot sight through the glass on a red dot. I find this imperative in case an issue occurs with the optic.

The Trigger is improved too? 

It’s hard to believe the trigger on the Walther PPQ could be improved however Walther managed that with the PDP models. It is called a PDT “Performance Duty Trigger.” The PDT has a shortened length of travel with a crisp break. I measured the trigger weight at a consistent four pounds. That is a pound and a half lighter than the PPQ trigger. On the Walther site, it states the trigger weight is 5.6 pounds. That is the same as the PPQ. It is most noticeable at the range. The smooth, short and light PDT trigger helped with precise accuracy and fast follow up shots. Walther is known for having incredible triggers on their pistols and the PDT trigger did not disappoint. 

Yes, it’s Modular

The Walther PDP models are the most modular and versatile pistols ever created by Walther. The frame and slide from the full-size and compact models work together. This allows the shooter to choose a longer slide with a compact frame or vice versa. The full size PDP model has 18 round magazines. I believe many shooters would go with the full size frame with the compact slide. That would create a “Glock 19X” like scenario. I will mention the compact PDP uses the same 15 round magazines as the PPQ. I own a Walther PPQ therefore I instantly have four 15 round magazines with the new PDP. Nice touch Walther!


Model: PDP Compact #2851229

Color: Black

Slide Material: Steel

Frame Material: Polymer

Overall Length: 7.5”

Slide Length: 7”

Width: 1.34”

Height: 5.4”

Barrel Length: 4”

Sight Radius 6.4”

Trigger Reach: 2.76”

Grip Circumference: 5.8” (Med Backstrap)

Weight w/o Mag: 21.4 oz

Weight w Mag: 24.4 oz

Magazine Capacity: 15 Rounds

Mags Included: 2

Trigger: PDT

Safeties: 3-Auto

Trigger Pull: 5.6 lbs  (4 lbs on my tigger scale)

Trigger Travel 0.28”

Range Time

I truly enjoyed shooting the Walther PDP. I initially took it out with the three-dot sights and was thoroughly impressed. I did not have a red dot at the time and found the PDP to be a smooth and accurate shooter. It was 10 degrees with numb fingers and I still shot the pistol really well. Every round fed, fired and ejected without any issues.

I then added the Vortex Viper red dot. If you enjoy red dot pistol shooting, you will love the Walther PDP. It shot incredibly well. I will let the attached video speak for me however I can testify, with confidence, the Walther PDP is one smooth and accurate shooting pistol.

What are your thoughts on Walther’s new Performance Duty Pistol? Did they create features that interest you. Weigh in your thoughts and let’s get the conversation started.

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