8 NEW Single Stack 9mm Handguns for 2019 – VIDEO


Single Stack Handguns aren’t going anywhere, and are becoming more and more popular for concealed carry as the years go by. Here are 8 New Single Stack Handguns, chambered in 9mm, for 2019.



Glock 43X

In early 2019, Glock introduced their new Glock 43X. They took their popular Glock 43 and extended the grip and magazine to carry 10 rounds of 9mm. Glock also added front slide serrations and a PVD silverish finish on the slide. All of the other features that Glock fans have come to love remained the same. The trigger, sights and internal mechanics were not altered. The Glock 43X instantly became a “must have” in the CCW world. It will be interesting to see what aftermarket companies will develop improve the new Glock design. 

Naroh Arms N1

For 2019 Naroh Arms shocked the gun world when they introduced their new N1 handgun. The Naroh Arms N1 is a single stack 9mm, double action only, hammer-fired pistol that carries seven rounds. It stands out from the crowded single stack market with uniquely cut “red” trigger. The N1 offers a 1913 picatinny rail and industry standard sight compatibility (Glock 43) for aftermarket customization. It uses a 3.125 inch barrel and weighs just 16 ounces unloaded. The Naroh Arms N1 will be a big hit in 2019 with shooters looking for a new, lightweight and slim CCW handgun. 

Kahr PM9 Covert

Kahr Arms introduced the PM9 Covert at shot show 2019. The PM9 Covert uses the same slide assembly and 3.1” barrel as their best selling Kahr PM9. Kahr extended the grip to allow three finger contact along with using the same seven round magazine from the P9, CW9,K9 and S9. The PM9 Covert has a “black diamond” slide finish and ships standard with night sights. Consistent with the Kahr PM9, the PM9 Covert is small and light weighing in at just 20.5 ounces with eight rounds of 9mm. Kahr Arms is known for quality and craftsmanship and the PM9 Covert delivers the reliability and accuracy Kahr fans have come to know and love.

S&W M&P Performance Center Shield 2.0

Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center created a series of new M&P Shield 2.0 with four inch barrels. They customized several of the models to include porting in the slide and barrel along with “optic ready” slide cuts. The Performance Center M&P Shield 2.0 featured in this review has fiber optic sights along with the four inch barrel. The seven and eight round Shield magazines and the hinged trigger were not changed. At the range, the Performance Center M&P Shield 2.0 shot accurately on target. Right out of the case it was comfortable to shoot just like the original M&P Shield. 

Kimber EVO SP

This year Kimber is producing a new single stack, striker-fired 9mm called the Kimber EVO SP. The EVO SP (Striker Pistol) replaces the discontinued Kimber Solo. It is a beautiful aluminum frame, sub-compact handgun with replaceable grips and backstraps. The EVO SP has a 3.1” barrel, a 6.5 pound trigger with a trigger bar safety and a striker-fire indicator on the rear of the slide. It also comes standard with tritium night sights. The new EVO SP comes equipped with everything needed concealed carry out of the case. Kimber was very excited to introduce the Kimber EVO SP for 2019 and it is clear their fans are enjoying the new model.   

Diamondback DB9 Gen 4

The Diamondback DB9 Gen 4 is the smallest and lightest handgun in this review. It weighs just 16.5 ounces loaded with seven rounds. The DB9 Gen 4 has some improvements over Diamondback’s previous generations. The grip stippling changed to a more user friendly texture, it is 9mm +P rated, it has a slide stop that locks the slide back after the last fired round and the trigger improved. The DB9 Gen 4 has a double action trigger that breaks around 7.5 lbs. The greatest  improvement is the short trigger reset that shooters enjoy. The Diamondback DB9 Gen 4 in 9mm compares in size with many micro .380 pistols in today’s market. It’s an excellent pocket carry choice.   

Mossberg MC1sc

Mossberg came out in 2019 swinging by entering the concealed carry market with a sub-compact, polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol called the Mossberg MC1sc. This was Mossberg’s first handgun in 100 years. The Mossberg MC1sc has six and seven round magazines, a 3.4” barrel, a flat face trigger and unique grip texturing that helps with control. The MC1sc uses a safe disassemble process by removing the slide backplate and then sliding out the striker assembly. Many shooters are excited about the new MC1sc from Mossberg.

Beretta APX Carry

Beretta recently replaced the Beretta Nano with APX Carry. The Beretta APX Carry is a polymer-frame single-stack 9mm that has slide serrations that run across the entire slide. It comes with six and eight round magazine a three inch barrel and trigger that measures just under six pounds. The Beretta APX Carry enters a crowded 9mm single stack market but may do well in 2019.

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