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Knowing How To Be A Responsible Gun Owner, And Knowing How To Carry Yourself

Recently in a Facebook group, I saw a thread that was started by a man who tells a story of how he needed to fire a shot in the air to get another man to cool off.

The encounter was bizarre, or at least the story was. When he was questioned for details, he provided the following information:

The first problem here is not going outside, but rather not calling police as soon as this man made threatening remarks. That’s flag number two, with the first being that he has a history of violence.

The next issue is calling the man a name, because that will most certainly escalate the already tense situation. Sure enough, it was all that was needed to set the guy off, and that’s when he drew his gun and threatened to kill people.

The third issue, of course, is firing a warning shot into the air. Regardless of what Uncle Joe tells you, we’re not inclined to make warning shots if we feel out lives are in danger.

This story is so silly, because all of the 2nd half could have been completely avoided, if the protecting gun owner had kept his cool as well. Calling someone a ‘retard’ is not a way to calm things down, and that should be understood by everyone.

Sure tempers run high and no one is happy all the time, but as gun owners who carry, there is no sense in doing anything that could possibly escalate the situation.

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