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Loud Gun Rights Bumper Sticker Prompts Vehicle Break-In

A not-so-responsibly-armed citizen is likely scratching his head or saying some unkind words after his car was broken into for the most insane reason.

He put just a ton of advertising about how well-armed he was on the back window of his car — the exact same place the vehicle was broken into.

Like, come on dude.

The publisher here has a simple message: “Your car is not a holster.”

Now, I disagree with that, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no lesson to be taken here, because there’s a pretty flippin’ huge one.

If you’re going to carry a firearm in your car, first of all, secure it. I mean — come on.

Second of all, of your’re going to carry a firearm in your car, maybe don’t advertise it on the back of your car. That’s essentially vehicular open carry, and this may surprise you, but we’re all about some concealed carry up here in Concealed Nation.

It’s a dumb combo, and it’s going to lead to some smash one day or another.

Be loud and proud about the advocacy of your Second Amendment rights, but there is at the same time no excuse for thoughtlessness on this level.

Be safe out there, folks. Be smart, too.

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