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Ridiculous Story About Two Dudes Shooting Each Other While Wearing A Bulletproof Vest

ROGERS, ARKANSAS — When the stupid comes out, sometimes it’s so prevalent that it hurts. Literally.

Two neighbors were on a back porch drinking, and one of them had the brilliant idea to put on a bulletproof vest and ask the other one to shoot him.

The other neighbor obliged, and so starts this story of stupid.

[Christopher] Hicks shot [Charles] Ferris in the chest one time with a .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle, according to the report.

The bullet hit Ferris in the top left corner of his chest, and the vest stopped the bullet. The shot still hurt Ferris and left him with a red mark on the chest.

Ferris then took the vest off and Hicks put it on.

Ferris was angry about getting shot and how much it hurt, so he “unloaded the clip into Christopher’s back,” according to the report.
None of the rounds penetrated the vest, but Hicks suffered bruises.

via wlwt.com

Ferris decided to go to the hospital, and the staff figured that something strange was up and called police.

When asked what happened, Ferris put on this thinking cap and came up with the following scenario;

Ferris initially told deputies a story about being paid $200 to protect an “asset” and that he was shot guarding the “asset” from a man wearing a white suit near a bicycle and walking trail.


After police spoke with Ferris’ wife, however, the man came clean and told them that him and his buddy decided to shoot at each other.

It’s hard not to laugh a little, but let’s not forget how incredibly irresponsible and stupid these actions were. Every single gun owner should be held to a high standard, and incidents such as this one should be called out and displayed.

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