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Kidnapper Finds Himself Face-To-Face With Armed Citizen As His Victim Is Trying To Escape

NATCHITOCHES PARISH, LOUISIANA — A man is said to have bound a woman with zip ties and used a taser on her in an effort to control the situation. The woman was in a relationship with the man, but things turned ugly during an argument.

A release states that [Clydell] Jefferson had given the victim, described as his domestic partner, a ride to a bank. But the two got into an argument, and Jefferson allegedly used a shock device on the woman and bound her hands with zip ties.

She was able to escape him not long after. However, he shocked her again and tightened the ties, reads the release.

Jefferson then drove toward Campti and to La. Highway 9, “where she believed she was being taken to a remote location and feared for her life,” it reads

via thetowntalk.com

At an intersection, the woman tried to escape and was able to successfully get out of the vehicle. The two began to struggle on the side of the road.

Alert citizens passing by had noticed what was going on and decided to stop. One of those citizens was carrying a firearm, and he pulled it on Jefferson.

The news report does not mention any shots fired, but it was enough to send Jefferson running for his life.

Police caught up with Jefferson, or rather he caught up with them, when he turned himself in.

He remains in jail without bond on, and is facing charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Had these citizens not stopped to offer aid to the woman, we can only imagine what could have happened to her. What Jefferson had planned is anyone’s guess, but it could have turned even uglier than it already was.

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