Police Shootout With Armed Suspect Sees 5 Bystanders Shot

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — An armed robbery suspect found himself in a shootout with police, and five bystanders waiting at a bus stop found themselves in the mix of things.

The shootout happened Sunday night, and officials say the robbery suspect was killed during the exchange of gunfire.

News outlets reported that the New Orleans Police Department said officers confronted a man deemed a person of interest in an armed robbery investigation. Police say the man, whom they haven’t identified, pulled out a gun and started shooting.

via NBCNews.com

Four of those bystanders were listed in stable condition, with the other listed in critical condition.

As you read above, the armed suspect was shot and killed by police.

There is no word on which side the bullets came from the injured the bystanders, but I’m sure a thorough investigation is being conducted to see who is ultimately responsible.

If you’re ever in the mix like this, get to a safe location as quickly as possible. Find concealment but more importantly, try to find cover. Anything that will stop a bullet from hitting you is a good thing to get behind.

And if you’re ever in the mix like this and are armed, you’re still going to want to get yourself to a safe location with everyone else. This isn’t the time to step in as an attempt to help police. Let them, with their gear and training, take out the threat in a way they see fit. There’s no telling what could happen if you were to involve yourself in the gun fight.

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