A Key Mistake: Unusual Home Invasion Raises Security Concerns

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — In Bexar County, a bizarre incident occurred where a man, allegedly under the influence, entered a home mistakenly believing it was his own and assaulted the 79-year-old homeowner using his own house key.

The Meadows at Wortham Oaks community was left in disbelief as deputies reported that the key to the assailant’s home, Eric Collazo, inexplicably worked on another house’s lock, leading to an attack that resulted in the homeowner sustaining multiple injuries, including three broken ribs.

Charged with injury to an elderly person, Collazo’s accidental entry has raised concerns among neighbors about the security of their homes and the possibility of a flaw with the locks or construction by the home builder, M/I Homes, who has yet to respond to inquiries regarding the incident.

This unusual case has prompted residents to consider reassessing their own home security measures.

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