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Armed Delivery Driver Turns Tables On Armed Robbery Attempt, Killing One

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A delivery driver is happy to be alive after an attempted robbery turned bad when one of the men produced a box cutter and threatened the delivery driver’s life. During a scuffle, another driver from a different truck saw what was going on and ran over with his firearm.

Local media reports from Detroit;

Police say the driver was making a delivery in that area, when the he came out from the business and noticed two men attempting to steal meat from the back of his truck.

Police said the driver got into a scuffle with one of the suspects who was armed with a box cotter.  The owner of the meat company, who is a CPL holder, fired a fatal shot at the suspect.

The driver was reported to also have suffered a gunshot to his leg, but it wasn’t immediately clear how he received the wound.

When we hear of Detroit, many of us think about rampant crime and defenseless citizens, While it’s true that many do not have concealed carry permits in the city, there are a few in the area who carry firearms and will use them if necessary.

It’s just a shame that a man had to lose his life over some meat.

Being the business owner, this driver was attempting to save what he’s worked hard for, as well as his employee. If I were in the same situation, I can’t say for sure how I’d react. If you confront someone who is stealing something from you –and you have your firearm on you– you are taking a risk of having an altercation with the bad guys and ultimately drawing and firing your gun. However if it were an employee who first confronted the bad guys, now it’s a different situation because their life is in danger as a result.

If in a bad situation, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons quickly to determine what course of action you’ll be taking.

Is it worth it to confront the possibly armed suspects, or is it better to call police to report the meat robbery? We all want the bad guys to get caught, but at what cost to them and to ourselves?

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