Costco Returns Money For Children’s Miracle Network Because The Donation Came From A Gun Company

Ahh, to be politically correct in 2018, where the guns are bad and kill innocent people on their own.

Recently, a company called Sacramento Black Rifle was given back their check to Costco for a banner in their store. The money would be donated by Costco to the Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit that sends money to hospitals “to help save and improve the lives of as many children as possible.”

But apparently, a few people being offended by a banner have stopped this from happening. Actually, it seems that it’s Costco itself who doesn’t want this ‘dirty gun money’.

The banner originally went up in the Citrus Heights, California Costco and has been put up for years. Then, an employee complained. Then apparently, the story was changed and it was actually a customer who complained. Either way, the banner came down and the money was returned.

Then, another Costco from Roseville, California sent two reps to Sacramento Black Rifle to say that they would hang their banner at their location. And so the funds exchanged hands again.

Do you see where this is going?

Not long after, the gun store receives a letter in the mail, along with their $500 check;

“Pursuant to Costco Wholesale’s Regional Office direction. (Enclosed) please find your company check for $500.00 made out to COSTCO WHSE 00 representing a refund of your CMN banner donation made to Roseville Costco on April 3rd, 2018.”

For five years, it wasn’t a problem for this company to hang their banner in the same fashion for the same reason. Why the change?

It’s probably the political landscape surrounding firearms, and honestly, the wimpy world we live in now. If a customer is upset about something, sometimes a company will give in and make things right… just for that person.

But it doesn’t end there. A Costco in Reno, Nevada approached the gun shop AFTER all of this happening and said that they would take the donation. The banner went up for a month, a customer complained, the banner came down, the money returned.

Ahh, Costco. They’ve been on the Boycott List for some time now, so the move is not new to us.

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