Man Opens Fire In Restaurant With Paintball Gun, Records It, Probably Lucky An Armed Citizen Wasn’t There

When it comes to being stupid, this guy holds a high position on the list. While it may have been his friends that he was targeting, and maybe he felt that it was a harmless joke, this is straight up assault.

Apparently, it was supposed to be a ‘Halloween prank’.

We’ll assume that at least one person inside the restaurant at the time was not a friend of this guy. Even if that’s not the case, you can’t get much more stoopid than this.

In all seriousness, how long would it take you to realize that this guy was shooting a paintball gun? Would that even register with you in a few seconds? What if you were in there and were armed? Do you think that your first instinct would be to draw your firearm?

These are the serious questions that we have to ask ourselves, because idiots like this are out there running around. Not only do they put their future in danger, but they do the same to anyone in the vicinity.

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