Vegas Gunman’s AR-15 Jammed After Firing First Shot, Timeline Of Events Released By Police


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — A potentially catastrophic incident was narrowly averted at a condominium complex in Las Vegas when an armed resident was shot by a security officer. Andrew Warrender, 32, was spotted carrying an AR-15 rifle into Turnberry Towers, a condominium complex near the Las Vegas Strip, and is accused of aiming his weapon at several individuals, including a security officer. The latter was only spared when Warrender’s firearm jammed.

Turnberry Towers staff observed Warrender entering the building armed, a sight that was not unusual due to Nevada’s open carry laws. Security personnel, familiar with Warrender from his frequent visits over the past 18 months, did not initially perceive him as a threat. However, when a valet employee noticed something amiss about Warrender and confronted him, Warrender gestured as if to aim his rifle, prompting a call to the police.

As the situation escalated, a Homeowners Association manager and her assistant took refuge in their office upon observing Warrender’s menacing actions. Fearing for their lives, they barricaded the door with various objects and stayed hidden. Concurrently, a second security officer behind the reception desk monitored Warrender’s movements through surveillance cameras, narrowly avoiding a gunshot from him.

Footage from the security cameras showed Warrender’s rifle malfunctioning, preventing it from firing. A third security officer came across Warrender exiting the building and, perceiving the imminent danger, shot Warrender several times. He then held Warrender at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Warrender, staying at the complex as his uncle’s guest, was found injured outside the main entrance to the condo. He was transported to a local hospital for treatment. His uncle’s room was checked for any harm, but he was not found. An empty rifle case was discovered inside the room.

Warrender has been charged in absentia with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, discharging a firearm in an occupied structure, and attempted murder. His status check is set for July 3, according to the Clark County Detention Center records.

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