West Virginia And Nevada Entering Into Reciprocal Agreement For Concealed Carry


CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA — Patrick Morrisey, the West Virginia State Attorney General, has confirmed that a reciprocity agreement has been reached between the State of Nevada and West Virginia.

This is great news for both West Virginia residents looking to travel out West as well as Nevada residents looking to plan their road trip out East.  The State Journal reports that as of August 5th, a formal agreement has been made and reciprocity is expected to start that day.  When asked for comment, the WV Attorney General’s office gave the following statement,

“As Attorney General, it has been a priority to protect the Second Amendment rights of West Virginians and those who visit here,” Morrisey said in a news release about the agreement.

In response to that prior request, the Director of the Nevada Department of Public Safety sent a letter to Morrisey’s office on behalf of the Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval.  That letter acted as the statutory notice required by state code so that it can mutually recognize Nevada’s concealed handgun permits.

“West Virginia has a history of loyally defending the Second Amendment, and I am pleased that our state can once again enjoy mutual recognition of concealed handgun licenses with Nevada,” Morrisey said. “Many people from West Virginia enjoy traveling to Nevada for work and entertainment activities. This agreement will enable citizens of both states to continue to do so without questions concerning their right to carry a concealed firearm.”

This marks the 32nd state that acknowledges West Virginia’s concealed carry permitting process – including its neighbors of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and Ohio.

If you’re from West Virginia or plan on traveling through it, please check out the Attorney General’s page for a more detailed map of their current reciprocity agreements.  Way to go, West Virginia!

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