Elderly Woman Shoots And Kills 19-Year-Old Intruder


MARION, AR — On elderly Arkansas woman was forced to shoot and kill a 19-year-old teen who broke into her house and advanced on her while she was armed.

The young man was reportedly intoxicated, and may very well have had no idea what he was doing, although that doesn’t preserve him from responsibility, it does make the incident all the more tragic.

As WITI reports:

The woman told authorities she called out to the intruder who forcefully entered the home and ordered him to leave her home. She said he advanced toward her and that’s when she shot him in self-defense.

“Of course it makes you be a little more concerned about your neighborhood if have people that are breaking into homes,” said John Rimmer, neighbor.

Cody Smith, of Marion, Arkansas, was killed.

“We heard he was under the influence of something and wrecked his car,” said Rimmer. “At first it was told that he thought he was walking to his house. I didn’t know where his house is, in this neighborhood I assume.”

Neighbors said the intruder lives close by but not in the same neighborhood. Confused or not, Rimmer said the teen had no business breaking into his neighbor’s home.

“It’s still sad that a man that age, a young man just starting his life for whatever reason is taking those kinds of steps and ends up losing his life for it,” said Rimmer.

It’s but one of many, many reasons to not lose yourself to a substance that can take a hold on you.

As for the elderly woman — she did everything right. She defended her home, even warned the intruder off, then defended herself when she had to.

Another point for the Equalizer.

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