Armed Arcade Employee Shoots Back At Robbers After Being Shot


WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA — Two employees of an arcade were shot by two masked men who burst into the building and went directly behind the counter. While they did get the first shots in, one of the employees that was shot was able to fire back.

Jennifer Villano told reporters that her mother was working at the arcade at the time of the incident. She gave an account of what happened;

“A guy came in with a bandana, or something on his face, and he went behind the counter,” Villano said. “She didn’t give much detail, but pretty much whoever was behind the counter got shot.”

“All she said was that her co-worker, one of them got shot in the back. The other — she didn’t say where they got shot — but the one that didn’t get shot in the back got his gun and tried to shoot at robber,” Villano said. “She said he didn’t hit the robber and ran.”

Both employees shot were transported to the hospital and are expected to be ok. As Villano stated, it seems that neither of the two robbers were hit with the return fire.

But one thing is for sure; the actions of the armed employee definitely sent the armed thugs running, and that likely saved lives that night.

The secret rule to being a thug, because they’ll never admit it: If the victim shoots back, it’s time to run. Try not to soil yourself on the way out.

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