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Seconds From Apparent Death, Homeowner Finds Moment To Grab Gun And Shoot Armed Intruders

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — Six in the evening on a Monday, two armed robbers broke into a couple’s house and held them at gunpoint. Because the homeowner had allegedly seen his face, one of the intruders wanted to execute him. He told the homeowner to turn around but the homeowner refused, likely sealing his fate. However, that homeowner also kept a gun stashed nearby. He was able to retrieve the handgun and fire twice at the intruders, hitting one of them.

As WXYZ Detroit reports, the wounded suspect was dropped off at a nearby medical center and there’s still one at large. Police and the homeowner suspect there was a getaway driver nearby, accounting for both of them to flee the scene so quickly.

Even though the homeowner recalled the incident for reporters without appearing too frazzled, the true reality is this man stared certain death in the face and still fought his way out.

“He [suspect] kept pointing the gun at my head and said, ‘You don’t think I’ll kill you face to face?’ I said ‘I don’t know, but you’re going to have to because I’m not turning around‘,” said the homeowner.

Let’s be completely honest — that’s not at all a guaranteed move. When an armed suspect has you point blank, it truly is an “all or nothing” scenario. Faced with his wife similarly being held at gunpoint and facing certain execution, that armed robber really didn’t give him too many options.

But, you know what? He had options. Because he had a gun.

Otherwise, the only option this goon left him was turn around and get shot execution style.

That’s not much of a choice normally.

No guarantees when guns get involved, that’s why we stay prepared.

Detroit Police report they “came up empty handed” when they attempted to search for the suspects. This should help clarify that the police won’t guaranteeably get your guys after an attempt is made on your home, your family, and your own life.

Seconds count. Minutes count. Everything counts in a potential gun fight. Your life is worth it — protect yourself and your family by staying armed even while home.

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