Would You Let Your Kid Carry A Fake Gun For Halloween?

Mr. Farago of TTAG posed a question today to his readers; Should kids be allowed to carry fake guns for Halloween?

I remember being a cowboy for Halloween one year, fake gun and all. It was a different time, I guess, as many nowadays are pretty uptight and high-strung to see a kid walking down the street with a fake rifle or pistol. I’ll give it to them; it’s sometimes difficult to pick out whether or not it’s fake. Some are so realistic-looking that it’d be impossible unless you were able to see it up close and personal.

There have also been cases of kids being shot because someone believed that their toy gun was actually real. It’s rare, of course, but it has happened.

But, as Robert points out, it’s Halloween! Would you place any sort of restriction on your child using a fake gun as part of their costume? Chime in below.

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