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Man Shot And Killed By Concealed Carrier While Attempting Armed Carjacking

SELMA, TEXAS — A suspected carjacker is dead after being shot in Selma by his intended victim, who happened to be carrying a firearm for situations just like this one.

Local news reports;

Heathcliff Garcia, 34, died at the San Antonio Military Medical Center after a Thursday afternoon shooting near the 8000 block of Old Austin Road.

Selma police believe Garcia and another man committed several car burglaries in the area before the shooting. A city official said the pair then crashed their vehicle on the southbound I-35 access road near Forum Parkway, which led them to try to get another.

According to the police, a pair of thugs tried to steal a car at gunpoint after the crash. That’s when their day turned from bad to worse. The driver had a license to carry, and shot Garcia.

Police detained the second suspect, who the city official said would likely face charges. It was unclear if the shooter would be charged.

Now let’s talk…

Are you prepared for an attempted carjacking?

We discussed this very topic in an article that you can find below:

Carjacking And Concealed Carry

Here are some tips to remain alert and have a plan:

– While driving, your sidearm should be holstered and on your person. Do not put your pistol on the seat beside you or keep it in the glove compartment.

– When you leave your vehicle, take your gun with you. If your car is stolen while unattended, you don’t want to give the thief a bonus of your carry piece.

-As far as carrying while driving is concerned, the hip or IWB holster may not be the best choice. Although it is possible to draw from a holster behind the hip on the strong side while seated, a crossdraw or shoulder rig works better and allows easier access to your sidearm.

– If you spend lots of time behind the wheel, it may be advisable to keep a crossdraw rig in the car and transfer your pistol to it when you enter. After parking, you can switch back to your hip or IWB rig. Whatever you choose to do, practice drawing and engaging a threat when seated in your car.

– If you are stopped in traffic and see a suspicious person approaching you on foot in your rear view mirror, consider drawing your piece and keeping it out of sight until you know the intentions of the stranger.

– If the approaching stranger has his hand or hands hidden, this is a very good cause for suspicion.

-If you can see a weapon, you are faced with an imminent threat.

-When entering a parking garage after dark, you can have your gun in hand, covered by a newspaper.

-If you carry a short-barrel revolver, you can fire through your coat pocket if necessary.

It should serve as a starting point from which you can begin to prepare yourself. By legally carrying concealed firearms, we reduce our chances of being victimized.

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