#DIGTHERIG – Billy and his Glock 43 and Glock 23 in an Alien Gear Holster and Desantis Holster

What I carry depends on the season. Here in North East ohio it gets pretty cold, so an iwb is out for most of the winter months. With people wearing more layers of clothing I like to have a heavier caliber round. The glocks 23 in .40 s&w fits my winter wear pretty well. I wear an owb desantis molded leather holster that I’ve had for 10 years (didn’t use it though for 7 or 8 years) for easy access while keeping my rig concealed. During the warmer days when I wear fewer layers I carry my 9mm Glock 43 in an alien gear cloak tuck 2.0 holster. This holster is super comfortable, great retention, amazing warranty and, c’mon, free shell trades (although at the price, I bought one for both of my carry guns). I also love how concealable it is, with the ability to tuck my shirt in around it, my boss forgets that I carry at the office. He’s actually pretty impressed that it conceals so well. And the knife, well, it’s just an old winchester I’ve had for 25 years.

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