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[VIDEO] Is the.22 Rifle a Viable Tool for Self-Defense?

The “correct” caliber for home defense largely depends on who you talk to. There are some who believe that for them there is .45, only .45, and forever .45. Everybody’s got that one friend. For far more, the answer to the home defense question is 12 gauge — and to be fair, most things that shoot 12 gauge will make for a superior home defense tool. However, one question that never seems to go away is the.22 question — is it a viable option? Of course, here we aren’t really talking so much about .22 magnum or .223 — .22LR, the ubiquitous round that generally costs less than a dime a round. In the above video, YouTuber Paul Harrell explores that very option. Among other things, he makes a definitive point that it beats nothing, and its easy shootability really does lend it some street cred. When you’re done checking out this video, check out the rest of his gun videos — he’s one of the better YouTube gun personalities out there. What do you think about .22 as a home defense caliber? Please share this story on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!
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